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Annual Conference of the School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies

Subject and Responsibility: Nature, Society, and Culture


The conference will be held on October 6-8, 2022 at the Faculty of Humanities, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

The School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies 2022 Conference invites to discuss the changes in the understanding of responsibility and its subject that are occurring in contemporary society. Despite the fact that the concept of responsibility is traditional for ethical and socio-political discourse, we can observe the spread of this concept almost to all spheres of human activity. Philosophers speak not only of moral but also of epistemic responsibility, whereas civil activists speak of environmental or even racial responsibility. Similar changes are observed in the understanding of subjects of responsibility. Today responsibility is universally attributed not only to individual or collective subjects such as individuals, social, religious, ethnic, racial groups, but even to natural mechanisms or artifacts such as processes in the brain or artificial intelligence, etc. This raises a number of questions that require deep critical reflection:
1) Is there a single concept of responsibility?
2) Who or what is an adequate subject to which responsibility can be meaningfully attributed?
3) What are the ontological foundations of responsibility and subjectivity?
4) Is a purely naturalistic explanation of responsibility and subjectivity possible?
5) What are the forms of responsibility other than moral responsibility? What is their specificity and how do they relate to each other?
6) Is it possible to ascribe responsibility for actions committed in the past by other people or groups?
7) Is there a responsibility to future generations, including distant ones? What does it consist in, and how can it be met?
8) Is it possible to be responsible for the well-being of "strangers" adults? 

Accordingly, this year's conference aims to address the following specific tasks: 
a) Identify major conceptual, social changes in the understanding of responsibility and subjectivity and discuss key philosophical approaches to thinking about these concepts.
b) To examine and critically comprehend the diversity of forms and types of responsibility and subjectivity as applied to different areas of human activity.
c) To describe and analyze the latest cultural shifts, trends and concepts in the understanding of responsibility and subjectivity.

The work of the conference will be divided in sections. Sections may run over several days, number of papers expected in each section can go from 7 to 20.

A preliminary list of sections (it can be expanded after the reception of individual applications):

  • "Naturalistic and Non-Naturalistic Approaches in the Theory of Moral Responsibility". Organizers: K. Frolov ( Higher School of Economics), E. Loginov (Moscow State University).
  • "Critique of the capacity for responsible judgment: ethical statement and its subject". Organizer: A.G. Ganzha (Higher School of Economics)
  • "The responsible subject or the irresponsible hero: how philosophical ideas are embodied in popular culture". Organizer: M.D. Marey (Higher School of Economics)
  • "Epistemic Responsibility and Algorithmic Rationality". Organizer: I.A. Kuzin (Higher School of Economics).
  • "Responsibility and Trust in Medicine: Ethical Issues of AI implementation", with the participation of N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. Organizer: A.V. Ugleva (Higher School of Economics).
  • "The Social Nature of Technology: a Technocratic Boomerang". Organizer: T.Yu. Sidorina (Higher School of Economics), A.V. Mikhailovsky (Higher School of Economics), Coordinator: D.A. Morozov (Higher School of Economics)
  • "Social and Philosophical Futurology," with the participation of the Social Philosophy Sector, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. Organizers: A.V. Pavlov (Higher School of Economics; IPhRAS), N.B. Afanasov (IPhRAS) 
  • "Intellectuals and Power: Questions on Responsibility in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period", with the participation of ION RANEPA. Organizers: O.V. Aurov (ION RANEPA), A.V. Marey (HSE)
  • "Intellectuals and Power: Disputes about "Responsibility" in Russian Social Thought in the XIX - XX Centuries". Organizer: A.A. Teslya (I.Kant Baltic Federal University, St. Petersburg State University)

Individual applications for the conference are accepted until August 31, 2022 through the Google form https://forms.gle/afEN8YAWARo7Zxz86.
In the application form indicate, please:
- Full name of the applicant
- Academic degree (if any)
- Position, place of work/study
- Title of the paper
- A brief abstract (up to 500 words)

The selection of participants will be held until September 10, 2022. 

Travel and accommodation expenses for participants from other cities are not covered. If necessary, the Organizing Committee can assist with the accommodation of participants at the hotel of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

If you have any questions, please write to the Organizing Committee: hse.philosophy.conference@gmail.com