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Heidegger on Technology

Routledge, 2018.

Martha Nussbaum Interview

Wendland A. J.

The New Statesman. 2018.

Book chapter
The Sovereign Position of the World: Towards a Political Theology of Modernity (after Blumenberg)
In press

Chepurin K., Albernaz J.

In bk.: Interrogating Modernity: Debates with Hans Blumenberg. L.: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. Ch. 6.


Professor Kissel’s Speech in the St. Petersburg branch of the Higher School of Economics

On June 20, Professor Wolfgang Kissel, a leading research fellow of the IL for the Study of Russian and European Intellectual Dialogue, presented his report "From October Revolution to Soviet Civilization. On the emergence and transformation of a Stalinist discourse" in the National Research University Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg.

Nadia Moro gave a talk at at the international conference of SSHAP in Calgary

Nadia Moro delivered a talk on Herbart's philosophy at the Conference of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy in Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Dr. Mirko Farina's seminars on Critical Thinking

On February 13-18 Dr. Mirko Farina from King's College London gave a series of seminars on Critical Thinking and Higher Education

Professor Helena Knyazeva gave a talk at the World Congress on Complex Thought

Professor Helena Knyazeva gave a talk as an invited speaker at the "World Congress on Complex Thought. The Challenge of a Globalized World" (8 & 9 DEC. 2016 UNESCO — PARIS)

International Conference ‘Modes of Thinking, Ways of Speaking’

An international conference ‘Modes of Thinking, Ways of Speaking’ took place at HSE. The event was organized by the HSE Faculty of Humanities School of Philosophy and brought together not only professors and young researchers, but also undergraduate and master’s students.

International Workshop "The Bounds of Logic Reloaded"

The  Workshop 'The Bounds of Logic Reloaded'  will be held at HSE on 20-21 October, 2016. The  deadline for abstract submission is  June 1, 2016. Abstracts are to be submitted exclusively via the EasyChair system. To make a submission, use the following link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=bolr2016

Workshop "Logical and Linguistic Pragmatics"

The workshop "Logical and Linguistic Pragmatics" took place on 28 October 2015 at Higher School of Economics. It was held to mark the 40th anniversary of the publication of Paul Grice’s seminal work "Logic and Conversation". In this pioneering work Grice formulated some key concepts of modern pragmatics: the saying/implicating distinction, conventional and conversational implicatures, cooperative principle. The aim of the Workshop was to bring together linguists, logicians and philosophers to discuss the issues in the areas of both logical and linguistic pragmatics (and their interactions).

Conference ‘Classical German Idealism and Phenomenology’

On September 13-17 the international conference ‘Classical German Idealism and Phenomenology’ will be held in Saint Petersburg. Lecturers of the School of Philosophy take part in the conference as organisers and participants.

HSE Lecturers Presented Reports at Conference in Belgrade

Boris Kashnikov, Professor at the School of Philosophy and Arseniy Kumankov, Lecturer at the School of Philosophy presented their reports during the Ethics in Military Leadership 5 Annual Conference, which took place in Belgrade on May 10-13.

Allard Tamminga on Collective Obligations and Joint Plans

Allard Tamminga (University of Groningen), gave a lecture entitled "Collective Obligations and Joint Plans" at the "Formal philosophy" seminar on March 24.