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Workshop "Compositionality and Contextuality"

Event ended

A workshop "Compositionality and Contextuality" will be held on 28th October 2017 (Myasnitskaya 11, 329–A).


School of Philosophy HSE
Research Group "Formal Philosophy"
«Compositionality and Contextuality»

28th October 2017


 Chair: Elena Dragalina-Chernaya
11.00—12.00Marcus Kracht (University of Bielefeld)
Compositionality, Autonomy and Independence
12.0012.30Ivan Mikirtumov (Saint Petersburg State University)
Towards the Local Compositionality
12.3013.00Ekaterina Rakhilina (HSE)
Transparency International: Compositionality as Viewed by L2 Speakers
 Chair: Ivan Mikirtumov
14.3015.00Valentin Shehtman (Institute for Information Transmission Problems RAS)
Contextuality and Simplicial Models
15.00 15.30Vladimir Vasyukov (Institute of Philosophy RAS)
Behaviorality as Contextuality: Does Non-classicality Matter?
15.30 16.00Vitaliy Dolgorukov (HSE)
The Compositionality of Processes vs. the Compositionality of Constituents
Coffee break
 Chair: Vitaliy Dolgorukov
16.3017.00Elena Dragalina-Chernaya (HSE)
“There Can Never be Surprises  In Logic": Compositionality Meets Formality
17.0017.30Angelina Bobrova (Russian State University for the Humanities)
Peirce’s Pragmatic Maxim, compositionality of his Existential Graphs logic and Dialog
17.30 18.00Silver Bronzo (HSE)
The Context Principle and Compositionality