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The Establishment of Petrine-Pushkinian Russia: A Philosophical Perspective

Kantor V.

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Book chapter
The Revolution of Nikolai Lobachevsky

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In bk.: The Foundations of Geometry: Works on Non-Euclidean Geometry. Montreal: Minkowski Institute Press, 2019. P. iii-viii.

Working paper
Childhood in Medieval Autobiography

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Philosophy of Motherhood

Event ended
We invite you to the seminar on the Philosophy of Motherhood on June 21 at 19:00. It will take place as part of the series of seminars on "Women in Philosophy"
We have formulated a series of questions that are worth discussing during our seminar:
1. The nature of motherhood:
1.1. Motherhood as the effect of patriarchal culture and the organization of society; the irreducibility of motherhood to
reproductive function; identification of motherhood with femininity;
1.2. maternity ethics - motherhood as an ethical imperative of the Other; I and the Other; motherhood as alienation (birth) of the Other.
1.3 The temporality of motherhood: cyclicality, linearity and asynchronity of time in the state of "motherhood".
1.4 Sexuality and motherhood: is it acceptable to distinguish between them?

2. Nature of pregnancy:
2.1 Objectification of pregnancy: pregnancy as an object of desire.
2.2 Erotization of pregnancy and maternity.

The seminar will be moderated by Natalia Kim, PhD, Associate Professor at the School of Oriental Studies,https://www.hse.ru/staff/n.kim
Seminar is organized by Tatiana Levina, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor of the School of Philosophy.

Working languages: Russian, English

"Women in Philosophy" Group on Facebook:

When: June 21 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Staraya Basmannaya Street. 21/4 Aud. 419A

Guests are kindly requested to send their names to postnikovatv@gmail.com to order their passes and view the seminar
materials by 20 June