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Book chapter
The Notion of Ecology of Action in the Context of Social Constructivism

Knyazeva H.

In bk.: A Systemic Vision of the Crises: From Optimization to Change Strategy? 10th Congress of the European Union for Systemics (UES2018).. 2018.

The English Philosophy Colloquium at HSE

Event ended

The English Philosophy Colloquium at National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, is happy to present its schedule for the academic year 2017-18, which includes an International Speaker Series with talks by fifteen scholars from foreign universities. We meet Fridays from 16.40-18.10, at Staraya Basmannaya ulitsa 21/4, room 417. Please note that the time and room might change — check back here or follow us on Facebook for updates. 

Fall 2017 

Sept 8 – International Speaker Series – Sebastian Gardner (University College London): “Faith and Hope: The Kantian Vindication”

Sept 15 – Alexander Sattar (HSE): “A Fichtean Perspective on Nietzsche’s Will to Power”

Sept 22 – Symposium: “Signs, Symbols, and Meaning”, organized by Tatiana Levina. Speakers: Tatiana Levina, Silver Bronzo, Diana Gasparyan, Aaron Wendland. Longer meeting: 16:40-19:30.

Sept 29 – Sean Winkler (HSE): “The Hessen-Grossmann Thesis and Lukács’s Reification Thesis – Prolegomena to a Study of the Mechanical Soul in Early Modernity”

Oct 6 – International Speaker Series – Anita Avramides (Oxford): “Knowing the Mind of Another”

Oct 13 – Jorge Luis Mendez-Martinez (HSE): “Vague Sounds? Acoustic Properties and Sorites Paradoxes”

Nov 3 – International Speaker Series – Sean Dyde (Leeds): “The Struggle for Money: TR Malthus and the Philosophy of Capitalism”

Nov 10 – International Speaker Series – James Conant (Chicago): “Thomas Kuhn’s Attempt to Break His Own Frame”

Nov 17 –Ilya Guryanov (HSE): “Historical Reasoning in the Mirror of Political Theory: from Q. Skinner to P. Pettit”

Nov 24 – Brian McLoone (HSE): “Does Natural Selection Create, or Only Destroy?”

Dec 8 – Nadia Moro (HSE): “The formality of logic in Johann Friedrich Herbart’s philosophy”

Dec 15 – Angelina Dimitrieva (Moscow State): “Modern Discussions on Introspection of the Phenomenal I”


Spring 2018

Jan 19 – Roger Smith (independent): “The Sense of Movement”

Jan 26 – Jorge Luis Mendez-Martinez (HSE): “Sound or Sounds? The Problem of Sound Individuation“

Feb 2 – Stefan Hessbruggen (HSE): “Rewriting the History of ‘Life’ in the Early Modern Period”

Feb 9 – Vera Pozzi (HSE): “Analyzing Orthodox Thought in the Post-Soviet Era”

Feb 16 – Tatiana Levina (HSE): “The Radiation of Divine Light: Abstractionism in the Hesychast Icon”

Mar 2 – Aaron Wendland (HSE): “Saving Socrates from Plato”

Mar 9 – Alexei Gloukhov (HSE): “A Tragic Concept of Truth in Plato”

Mar 16 – International Speaker Series – Alex Davis (Tartu): “Speech Act Pluralism: Homeomerous or Radical?”

Mar 23 – International Speaker Series – Bill Child (Oxford): “The Use of ‘I’ as Subject and the Use of ‘I’ as Object”

Apr 6 – International Speaker Series – Matteo Falomi (Essex): “One More Good Deed Before I Die: Suicide and Moral Perfectionism in Rousseau’s Julie”

Apr 13 – International Speaker Series – Joseph Schear and Sophie Archer (Oxford): “Agency in Mind”

(Apr 20 and 27 – HSE Conference–no meetings)

May 11 – International Speaker Series – Patricia Glazebrook (Washington State): “Heidegger and Economics: Gendering Gestell”

May 18 – International Speaker Series – Michael Della Rocca (Yale): “Kant and the Principle of Sufficient Reason”

May 25 – International Speaker Series – Frederick Neuhouser (Barnard/Columbia): “Marx and Hegel on the Demands of Spiritual Life”

June 1 – International Speaker Series – Piergiorgio Donatelli (Rome): “Democratic encounters: Wittgenstein, Cavell, and the Conditions of Political Community”

June 8 – International Speaker Series – Mark Kingwell (Toronto): “Boredom, Addiction, and the Interface: A Philosophical Critique”

June 15 – International Speaker Series – Jeff Noonan (Windsor): “Materialism and the Symbolic Dimension of Life: Meaning as Mattering”