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Book chapter
Сhristian realism contra «Revolt of the masses»

Besschetnova E.

In bk.: Культура. Политика. Понимание. (Россия в революциях XX века: политические реалии и культурные контексты). Belgorod: 2017. P. 19-24.

Nadia Moro gave a talk at at the international conference of SSHAP in Calgary

Nadia Moro delivered a talk on Herbart's philosophy at the Conference of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy in Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Interview of Vladimir Kantor to the Portal "Postnauka"

Educational portal "Postnauka" has published an interview with the head of the International Laboratory for the Study of Russian and European Intellectual Dialogue . The interview is dedicated to philosophical aspects of the novel "Demons" by F.M. Dostoevsky, its folklore and Christian motifs, as well as prototypes of Dostoevsky's characters.

Formal Philosophy-37

Allard Tamminga (University of Groningen) gave a talk called «Katz’s Revisability Paradox Dissolved».

Formal Philosophy-36

Paolo Valore (Università degli Studi di Milano) gave a talk called «A Critical Evaluation of the Standard Ontological Commitment: the Quantificational Paradigm Challenged»

Peter Dennis: "What is Interpersonal Justification?"

On April 7 Peter Dennis (LSE) gave a talk on the interpersonal justification problem at HSE English Philosophy Colloquium

Formal Philosophy – 35

The seminar Formal Philosophy – 35 was held on March 15. Jorge Méndez Martínez gave a talk called "On what there is not, fictional objects and problems concerning logical models"

Presentation of the jubilee issue of the journal “Vestnik Evropy”

Within the framework of a scholarly seminar of the International Laboratory for the Study of Russian and European Intellectual Dialogue, a presentation of the jubilee issue of the journal “Vestnik Evropy” took place.

Dr. Mirko Farina's seminars on Critical Thinking

On February 13-18 Dr. Mirko Farina from King's College London gave a series of seminars on Critical Thinking and Higher Education

Professor Helena Knyazeva gave a talk at the World Congress on Complex Thought

Professor Helena Knyazeva gave a talk as an invited speaker at the "World Congress on Complex Thought. The Challenge of a Globalized World" (8 & 9 DEC. 2016 UNESCO — PARIS)

What to Expect from Science in 2017: Philosophy

The debate about the concepts of ethics no longer applies solely to an individual’s moral principles and self-knowledge. Ethics has become an engineering problem. The question then arises, what principles should we build in to autonomous machines that operate and make decisions in the real world?
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